Royal College of Arts Contemporary Arts Masterclass
Pushing Boundaries: explorative art practices

About the course
The Royal College of Art Contemporary Art Summer Course follows the RCA postgraduate teaching model, focused on studio-based learning. The course is designed for visual art students and young emerging artists who wish to develop their own personal and professional fine-art practice in a world-leading environment. Course participants will study intensively for two weeks at the Royal College of Art and live in the world's art capital, London. The two-week intensive studio-based course will expand individual art practices and knowledge through workshops, lectures, film screening, visits to art museums, and access to the extensive RCA library. Furthermore, this course will examine the rich array of positions, methods and materials that artists use, as well as explore questions raised by contemporary art and its production.

Students will have their own studio space in Royal College of Art to develop their work, receive supervision feedback and practical advice from RCA staff and experts in contemporary art. This course is taught entirely by Royal College of Art staff and supported by a broad range of prominent artists, academics, critics and curators. The course provides participants with the opportunity to develop their practice within an interdisciplinary, collaborative atmosphere and meet artists from all over the world. At the end of this course, students will exhibit their work in a group exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London.
Course Content
Academic Lectures
Art Workshop
Studio Practice

Surgery Tutorial

Museum Visit
Final Exhibition

Theme Framework

  • How to start thinking about different practice methods and how to locate ideas in the contemporary context?
  • What are the possibilities and boundaries of different modes of practice?
  • How do (Western) artists work inside the studio now and how does this affect the work they make?

Themed Art Workshops

  • Performance Art Workshop
  • Different Approaches to Art Practice
  • Song/Spoken Text/Word Workshop
  • Film Screening
  • Group Reading Workshop


Other Activities

  • Surgery Tutorial
  • Final Art Exhibition
  • Tate Modern Museum Visit
  • National Gallery Visit

Sample Timetable
Week One
timetable 5
Week Two
timetable 6
Programme Highlights