Through the perspectives of creativity, emerging technologies, and ethical leadership, the Technological Innovation and Leadership Programme critically engages with the present to explore and envision new possibilities and creations of societal value for the future. 

The theme of this year’s programme is “Cultivating Innovation from Idea to Impact.” This programme focuses on technological innovation to benefit societies. From the lens of what it means ethically to be a leader in the 21st century, this programme fosters multidimensional leadership skills and interrogates key interdisciplinary issues around technological advancement from local and global perspectives. 

Participants will live and study in University of Oxford colleges and work with leading figures in technological innovation across academia and industry. The programme includes visits to prominent research institutions and labs in London and Oxford and meeting with their directors and core team. The programme’s knowledge exchange seminars focus on group discussion and debate that fosters critical thinking, depth of analysis, and interdisciplinary research. 

During the second week of the programme, students will participate in a Design Sprint that tackles the research question of “responding to the changing needs of societies, how can automation better lives in cities?” The design sprint is a five-day process, developed at Google Venture, for answering critical questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with experts. Students will test their prototype with a panel of advisers at the end of the programme.

Guiding Questions
What are the possibilities, challenges, and boundaries of technological innovation today?
How can creativity and technology be mobilized for the tech for good mission?
How are the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of social impact measured?
Course Content
Sample topics: sustainability and systems change, hacking social impact, applications of A.I. and machine learning innovations.
Small group seminars with course tutors to discuss and debate the key topics covered in the lectures.
Interactive workshops. Sample topics: social enterprises, measuring social impact, and philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies.
Museum Visits
  • London-Oxford Industry visit day 
  • History of Science Museum 
  • Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab 
  • Mind Foundry
Final Presentation
End-of-course Design Sprint: Test the Prototype session with a panel of advisers.
Charmian Love
MBA and EMBA Lecturer
Saïd Business School 
University of Oxford
Professor Martin Bureau
Lindemann Fellow and Tutor 
Physics at Wadham College 
University of Oxford
Dr. Davide Zilli
Machine Learning Research Fellow 
Mind Foundry
Dr. Mateja Kovacic
University of Oxford
Edward Yee
Founder of Givfunds 
Kairos Society Fellow 
Rhodes Scholar of Oxford University
Maayan Roichman
Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab 
Rhodes Scholar of Oxford University
Tim Rudner
Department of Computer Science 
University of Oxford
Institutional Engagements
Group 22
Group 10
Group 20
Group 17
Group 18
Group 13
Group 12
Group 11
Group 16
Group 21