The Social Innovation Design Programme brings exceptional university students from diverse backgrounds internationally to engage in lectures, seminars, workshops, and visits that stimulate meaningful knowledge exchange and explores the potential of design to create transformative social change. This programme brings artists, designers, and engineers together to collaboratively think about and discuss how design thinking and innovation can be applied to tackle social issues and benefit societies. Students will explore and analysis products, services, and systems that are sustainable, intelligent, efficient, and effective. At the end of the programme, students will develop a community-based project prototype and present to a panel of advisers who will help them to refine their project and its engagement with society. 

Participants will live and study in University of Oxford colleges and work with leading figures in social innovation across academia, the arts world, and industry. The programme includes visits to the major museums and galleries in London and Oxford and meeting with the curators and directors of these institutions. The programme’s knowledge exchange seminars focus on small group discussions and combines research with design practices to foster critical thinking and interdisciplinary skills.

Course Content
Thought provoking lectures that examine key aspects of social innovation design from different perspectives.
Small group seminars with course tutors to discuss and look in depth at each group’s work, development, and critical thinking.

Interactive workshops to further hone, inspire, and develop new skills.

Museum Visits
Guided visits to the world-renowned museums and galleries in London and Oxford that compliments the course theme. 
Saatchi “BA 2119 Flight of the Future” special exhibition
Tate Modern “Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life” special exhibition 
Ashmolean Museum, Object handling session and Private Collection
Victoria & Albert Museum
Group Critiques
Group discussions and reflections focused on depth of analysis and critical studies.
Group Reflections
Group critiques to both challenge, support, and promote the growth of individuals' works.
Final Presentation
End-of-course community-based group project presentation to a panel of advisers.
Professor Ashley Hall
Head of Programme, 
Healthcare & Design
Royal College of Art
Paul Hobson
Modern Art Oxford 
Dr Rob Philips
Senior Tutor
Royal College of Art 
Dr Mateja Kovacic
University of Oxford
Stephanie Dieckvoss
Central Saint Martins
Dr Moran Sheleg
Ruskin School of Art
Bella Kotak
Artist and Photographer
Founder, the Colour Lab
Raine Storey
Founder, Raine Storey Illustration  
Phil Dobson
Digital Artist
Whiskey Chow
Visiting Lecturer 
Royal College of Art 
Institutional Engagements
Group 22
Group 10
Group 20
Group 17
Group 18
Group 13
Group 12
Group 11
Group 16
Group 21