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Why Choose Us?
World class dual-directional learning
We believe you get out as much as you put in. Learning is two ways. Just like in Oxford University’s famous tutorial system, we create open and supportive environments to enable dynamic discussions.

Commitment to small class sizes

More one on one time with the tutors and seminar leaders to respond to students’ interests individually. Class sizes are small enough for each student to voice their opinions and have it heard by the whole group.

Inspire passion

For students from different countries and different majors to come together, exchange ideas, and create brilliant sparks. Final projects enable students to pursue the topics they are most passionate about.


Living and studying in a city with 900 years of teaching history. From historical architecture to astounding museum collections. Walk down the cobble stone road to retrace the steps of great thinkers throughout history.
Beyond the Programme
We help students plan for the future, whether they wish to apply to a British University for postgraduate education or explore other pathways post graduation. Our students (and tutors) stay in touch through our alumni events and newsletters.
About Us

Oxford Global was founded to enable greater knowledge and innovation sharing through exchanges for exceptional students across the globe. To enable them to come together to discuss, share, and challenge each other’s viewpoints through short courses and workshops during the summer and winter vacations.

The content of our courses focus on social responsibility – from environmental sustainability to new technologies to social innovation. All our programmes are designed with the highest level of care and expertise by our tutors and industry leaders.
Oxford Global Innovation and Leadership Exchange

Cultivating Innovation from Idea to Impact.

This programme focuses on the most cutting-edge topics of present-day knowledge exchange, from new technologies to social impact. From the lens of what it means ethically, globally, and locally to be a public leader in the 21st century. This programme precisely fosters the multidimensional leadership skills, paired with interrogating key interdisciplinary issues of local and global importance across social, technological, and cultural innovation.

To innovate is to “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, products, or services.” We welcome learners and leaders 18 years above from all fields of studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
"Bringing together exceptional people from across the globe, and in all areas of study, who have the courage to act on the change they want to see in the world."

Course Content
Academic Lectures
Small Group Tutorials
Case Study Workshops
Impactful Innovation Symposium
Industrial Visits
Design Sprint


2nd - 15th February 2020


Oxford University Colleges


From departments or research institutes in Oxford University


18 Years old and above
IELTS 5 and above, or equivalent.

More To Expect

Stimulating Academic Topics

  • New Technologies and Systems Change 
  • Ethics and Techno-Futures
  • Governance of Artificial Intelligence
  • Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

Inspiring Workshops

  • Leadership Development 
  • Design Thinking 
  • Social Entrepreneurship 
  • 5-day Design & Research Sprint

Educational & Enriching Visits

  • Mini Copper Plant Oxford 
  • Stratford Upon-Avon
  • Rhodes House
  • Ashmolean Museum
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